Monday, September 5, 2011


Ross and Boris, along with many other teams, at the starting line.
We need to be better about updating our blog more frequently, as there have been many exciting events happening since we last posted. Let's begin with the orienteering. Ross and I raced three more races for OK Linné - the district long, middle and relay championships. We are both still struggling to find our flow, but we're improving every time. Yesterday was the relay competition and we were each assigned to a team. Ross and Boris both ran the first leg for their teams and had solid races. Boris passed off in 6th and Ross in 7th. In the end, Boris's team finished in 3rd and Ross's team was 5th. OK Linné entered 8 elite men's teams and claimed the top 6 spots.
And they're off!

Sam anchoring her team in second place.

I broke from my tradition of running first leg and was assigned to anchor the second Linné team. Our first runner ran well and handed off in 5th. Our second runner had a great race and passed all the teams in front of her to hand off to me in first! I made a big mistake on my first control and the team behind me passed me. Luckily things got better after that and I managed to hold off the other teams and finish second. I stood on my first Swedish podium with my teammates and took home my first DM medal!
My first medal!

You can read an article about the relay here.
Two OK Linné teams on the podium.

Of course, we have lives outside of simply orienteering all the time! Before Patrick headed back to Ireland, we all played an epic game of mini-golf. This was the hardest course I have ever played and it took us about 2 hours to complete it. We were there far after dark! The Swedish family that started after us eventually just skipped past us, finished the course and went back to do the holes they skipped - all in about half the time it took us! We have some practicing to do.
Uphill to the tiny hole that led into the roulette wheel.
Yes, you had to launch the ball off the ramp and into the basket.
Taking a careful shot to take the lead!
We also played team ultimate croquet on the lawn by our apartment. The wickets on the hillside were the hardest for all teams, both when going up and coming back down. In the end it was a fairly close game, with Patrick and Mari winning by a tiny margin.
Patrick sending another team's ball down the hill.
Sometimes croquet can be a frustrating game...

Dark weather at the soccer game.
On a dark and stormy night we attended a Sirius fotboll game, Uppsala's Division 1 soccer team with Boris and a visiting researcher. I spent most of the game being horribly embarrassed by Ross and Boris who were not trying to blend in at all. Swedes are not known for their loudness, while Americans certainly are. Boris and Ross had no problems booing the players and making critical remarks about how they all played - despite not knowing either team at all. To their credit, they also cheered loudly when our team did well. Next time, I think I'll sit in a different section.

Boris wondering what one does with all the strange cooking supplies.
On the home front, we have settled in nicely. Our walls are still empty, but it may be a good thing that we haven't tried to hammer in any nails. We heard from others that the walls are really hard and if you do succeed in hammering in a nail you may also cause large cracks in the wall. So we will find an alternative to hanging up art. Boris is puzzled about why we have so many strange cooking utensils, but don't see the need for a cheese slicer or an electric water boiler. I maintain that a knife is a fine cheese slicer and we can boil hot water on the stove. Apparently, that is just not the Swedish way.

This weekend we tested out our house and strange cooking utensils by inviting 6 people over for dinner. Bara and Martin are friends that Boris made when he was living in Uppsala and who are now living in Stockholm. They came to visit along with Andrew, an orienteer we met ages ago from Ireland, who is also currently also living in Stockholm. Our clubmate, Lisa, also came over with her boyfriend Sebastian. They live right across the street from us and were able to run home and get a larger pot when the chili was overflowing from our only big pot. And Mari also joined in on the fun. We baked blondies and Bara brought a chocolate cake, so everyone was quite full by the end. We then taught everyone how to play Taboo :) Major props to all the non-native English speakers for playing! I find the game hard enough in my native tongue, but they were brilliant.
Intently listening to Boris during Taboo.
And now it's time to get ready for our evening training on the famous Lunsen map. I also bought a used bike yesterday, but I'm now worried it's a bit too used. I was trying to save money by buying a cheap(ish) bike, but now I'm worried that I'll have to put more money into it having it fixed. Oh well!


Cristina said...

What? No cheese slicer?! How do you slice cheese?! That was one of the first things we bought!

Samantha said...

But a knife slices cheese! I just don't get it...

J-J said...

Taboo is awesome