Friday, November 25, 2011

Jul Cider and Beer

There were doubts expressed at the Linné Gala that Jul Cider existed. But I found some at Systembolaget and I figured Ross could get in on the Jul flavored alcohol testing. The cider was Rekorderlig Julecider, and says it has an apple cinnamon flavor. 4.5% alcohol, 50cl and 15kr (~$2).

The beer was Sigtuna Vinterlager and I bought it because it was from Sweden and had a cute fox on the label. 5.2%, 33cl and 20kr ($2.90).

I'll start with the good news. The beer was much better than either of the beers I bought at the grocery store. It's now been over a week since I finished it, but I remember enjoying it :) Not too heavy, but still rich with flavor. I don't think Ross even tried it. It definitely makes my list of Yummy Things to Drink Around Christmas (YTDAR), although it obviously wasn't super memorable.

Ross tried the cider and made a weird face. I tried the cider and thought it tasted like cider. I guess I don't have a sensitive enough palate, because Ross thinks it tastes like an apple cinnamon candle. I'm assuming he meant that it tastes like an apple cinnamon candles smells, unless he's been going around eating candles. He couldn't drink the rest of it and I was forced to finish it a night later. Tough life. Unfortunately, since I don't really like cider and Ross couldn't even drink it, the cider does not make our YTDAR list.

Next week is the Advent and Swedes are really gearing up in style. The tree in our courtyard is lit with lights and freshly baked lussekatter is sold in every store. Lussekatter aka Saffron Buns aka St. Lucia Buns are eaten in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and especially on St. Lucia Day, which is December 13th. This is the day you picture when you think of Sweden - young blond girls dress up in white dresses with a crown of leaves and candles in their hair. And boys wear dunce caps.

I decided to join in on the fun and baked my own lussekatter last night. I had a hard time finding saffron. It couldn't see it anywhere on the shelves, but I knew that they must be selling it this time of year. Eventually I asked someone, and you have to buy it at the register. It's about 12kr ($2) for .5g. I don't know if they are selling it at the register so that people don't steal the expensive spice, or if they are trying to ration it - afraid people will buy too much if they can just grab it off the selves. Maybe Norway should start selling butter from the register as well? Ross and I are going to Oslo, Norway this weekend to get our visas and to celebrate Thanksgiving with Cristina Luis, Caroline Luis and Melissa Trout. When asked what we could bring, they asked for butter, because all of the stores are out of it. I'm freezing 1kg of butter and I hope they let me carry it onto the plane. And I hope it's not too warm.

The lussekattor recipe came from my new favorite cookbook, Sju Sorters Kakor:
Click on image to enlarge
I also made my own eggnog this week, using this recipe. It's really good, but then what does one expect when they mix together, milk, cream, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar? I halved the recipe and added a few pinches of pumpkin pie spice.

I'll leave you with two fun links. One is an article about the different types of cakes in Sweden and the other explains Swedes perfectly ;) Some of my favorites are 14, 54, 81, and 139.

Next time, I'm reviewing Juleskum- now, doesn't that sound tasty? ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A break from our Christmas programming

Last weekend was so much fun, it deserves its own blog entry before we move on to more reviews of Swedish Christmas foods. Saturday night was the Linné Gala and Sunday was Vinterrejset. Before the Gala, Ross played paintball for the first time with some of the boys.
Linné boys in camo
He came home covered in welts from head to toe. It's a good thing he didn't have to wear a short dress to the party. He said that it was fun, but the pain of being shot (and he was shot a lot) slightly outweighed the fun. He's glad he did it this time, but he'll probably pass next time.

Later in the evening we donned our fancy clothes - I packed one dress from the States and he packed his suit. I picked up some used shoes downtown, which have to be my best purchase here yet. The evening was very entertaining. We all got map pieces that we had to match to maps on the tables for our seating. I was at the same table as Ross, so only one group had to speak English with us :) I am unbelievably grateful at everyone's willingness to switch to English, but I always feel a bit guilty. I need to study my Swedishes more. Really, I should take a class. But classes cost money...
The cool table
Everyone was dressed up and we drank, ate, danced and played musical chairs. Yes, musical chairs. I was skeptical when it began, but it was quite fun. I am very proud of my third place finish, although I did lose an earring in the process.

Oskar and Elisa
Hanna and Mandus
Lisa, Elin, Sofia, Johanna
Karna was nice enough to share her chocolates
A mysterious man dressed all in black. Well, not so mysterious, as you can recognize a person by how he walks.
Of course, since Ross had the camera, we didn't get any pictures of the two of us dressed up together. Maybe next time :)

Sunday morning, much too early, our alarms went off and we rolled out of bed to get ready to bike to Vinterrejset. This is a fun mass start race with a twist - or many twists. Lisa had agreed the night before to run with me, as there are often clues written on the map that I would have trouble reading. I was grateful to have company for what is often a 3-4 hour race. You can see all my maps with my routes:
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4

We arrived a bit later than planned and everyone was heading to the start. Luckily, Albin agreed to take us the VIP route, and we cut through the woods and arrived in time.
The start
When we started, Lisa started reading and translating the sayings on the map. The only thing that sounded helpful was the advice to go right to #7. We started with many of the other girls, but we split up a bit in the mini-score section. Unfortunately, we forgot the advice written on the map going into #7 and went around to the left. There was a control in about the right spot, but it had a sign asking if it really was the right control... something was off. The map matched, but not perfectly. People were running around in all directions or standing and conferring with those around them. We went with the foolproof method of watching where other people were going. "There are people coming from over there!" So over there we went :) Then the second foolproof method - Kristina saying, "I see a control!" and all of us running to it. It was our control, but it was on the wrong side of the housing complex. Turns out they mirror-flipped that section of the map.
The section that was flipped. If you look closely, you can see the oval shape that they cut and flipped. So, the control was actually on the right(eastern) hill and green patch.
From then on, Lisa, Kristina and I were a team. We finished the first loop, with another little mistake at the end. The second map started with a contour only map, with contour interval being .5m. With my help, we overran the first control and met up with our fourth teammate, Jacob. We ran the rest of this map pretty well, although not perfectly. We really made up time on the mini simplified map section.

This is a quickroute, for all you nonorienteers. It's the route that I took according to my GPS watch and the colors refer to how fast I was going. Red is slow, yellow middle, green fast. You can see the red bump right before 21, which is where we met the other group of girls walking toward us. They had been searching for the control for awhile with other people. I was convinced it was further though, and I dropped a bit on the hill and found the boulder. I called over my group, but only Lisa and Jacob appeared. Where was Kristina? I called out for her, but we were eager to move on before everyone else also found the control. A few more half whispered shouts and Kristina came running to us with others hot on her heels. Suddenly, the competitive nature in all of us (ok, maybe just Lisa;) ) kicked in and we flew, straight and true to the next 3 controls. My GPS track doesn't want to go to 24, so either it got messed up or the control was in slightly the wrong spot.

At 25, the lead group caught us, already on their 3rd map. I realized after we punched 25 that something was wrong with 26 and 27. I thought that a whole box of the map had been rotated, but we were having trouble rotating it so that it matched. Someone finally realized that there were two strips of the map that had been cut out and switched. 26 was therefore still in the correct spot, and we would head to the field for 27.

See the pieces that we cut and switched?
We finished the second map and took a quick stop for some food and water. 
Jacob, Lisa and I studying the map.
Kristina and I heading out.
Before we started map three, we had to stop at the puzzle table and assemble part of the map. Lisa cut out the pieces and we glued them onto my map. Unfortunately, between both stops, I had cooled down a bit too much. My fingers were so numb I had a hard time getting the map back into the map case.

Assembling the map. (Vinterrejset pictures)
The first control on this map was in an area where they took off the contours. After that I had to lead the group around the puzzle section since I was the only one with that part on my map. My favorite moment was when Lisa looked at her map and thought we were going the wrong way :) She only had a blank section :) Luckily, my navigation proved steady and true and led us to all the controls with no mistakes. The next section was an area where the map between the two controls was blocked out. This was where we made probably our biggest mistake. We drifted a bit left without knowing it and hit houses. We thought they were the houses on the east side, when they were really the houses to the north. We wandered around a bit until I recognized two boulders and relocated. Then it was onto the quiz section.

At the beginning we were given a paragraph about mushrooms. On the map there were questions and each question had 3 possible answers, coded 1, X and 2. Answer the question correctly and run to matching control.
You can click on it to enlarge it. The questions are in the bottom right.
I helped not at all in this section, and we did it perfectly. Finally, on to the forth and final map! This map of a scale of 1:2000 and .5m contours. We were pretty clean, but I was getting quite tired. My knee had been aching a bit the whole way, but now my legs were just tired of running. As enjoyable as the whole experience was, I was quite happy to finish! Now to bike back home... :) You can read about Ross's experience on his attackpoint log.

Me, Kristina, Jacob and Lisa
I was so exhausted that I made dinner and climbed into bed at about 5pm with a book. Ross, on the other hand, didn't eat dinner but instead went to gympa and then watched part of Olle's bandy game. What a weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest blogger, guest taster

Hi friends! It's been so long since I've posted anything on this blog that it feels kind of like a cameo appearance. I have been pressed into duty tonight because Sam is busy chopping garlic in the kitchen to make falafel. She has a garlic clove roughly the size of Delaware that she's mincing, and that is keeping her adequately busy.

Today started for me in a bit of a confusing muddle. I woke up to find an empty bedroom and looked at my watch to make sure I hadn't way over slept.  Nope, it was still early in the morning but Sam was nowhere to be found. It turns out that she was being a diligent photojournalist and was out documenting the thick rime that has been coating Uppsala these past few nights, making the roads dangerously slick and the forest paths eerily beautiful. She's been up early a few days this week, driving home the point that she's a early bird and I'm a layabed.

And this is why my butt is cold when I get to work

Crunch Crunch Crunch
Perhaps you are interested in hearing how our holiday food tasting is going? Well, last night we rolled up our sleeves and set down two glasses full of Christmas beer. They looked identical in the glasses, both had the same rich brown color as cola, but one sniff was enough to tell them apart. Both glasses had a citrus-y scent, but the three hearts beer was overpoweringly fruity. This observation was greatly reinforced when you hazarded a sip. It was hardly distinguishable from Julmust mixed with alcohol. Neither Sam nor I cared for it much, and I'd say it earned just about 1 partridge in a pear tree out of a possible 5 golden rings. I am hoping that turning the remainder into holiday beer bread will be enough to salvage its crummy rating.

Let's the great experiment begin!
The Uppsala Julöl was much more what we were expecting and Sam found it to be eminently drinkable without being overly memorable. She probably won't be adding it to her letter to Santa anytime soon, but that being said, there's none left over to turn into bread either... so take that how you will. Not being fully aware of my rating method, Sam has tried to give the Uppsala Julöl a 3 1/2, I will happily translate that into about 4.5 french hens out of a possible 5 golden rings.

Now though, let's get to the review that I'm sure you've been waiting for. Pepparkakor! Naturally, I was fully devoted to finding the truth about these thin crispy cookies. The Swits brand heart shaped cookies came out on top in my book (after thorough research, I assure you) as they were very crunchy with a buttery feel and quite light as well. When compared to the Anna's star chaped cookies, the Swits were a little bit bland, with a notably less intense ginger flavor, but the Anna's cookies had a strong and I think unpleasant aftertaste (I find all Anna's cookies to have the same taste, it may be just me) which even the strong ginger and cloves could not mask. Sam prefered the Anna's cookies, and we both enjoyed the fact that the box had a braille label to go along with the visible label. I enjoyed looking up the braille alphabet on wikipedia, and learning what a braille hyphen feels like.

This hyphen feels like having a cookie!
So to wrap up the rating of the delightful ginger cookies, I give the Swits cookies a strong 4 calling birds and Sam, in a fit of generosity, gave both types of cookies a rave with 5 golden rings each! Ten rings in total, and I predict there will only be about ten cookies left at this time tomorrow!

Now, as I wrap this post up, and get ready to chow down on some falafel, I'll leave you with a bit of a teaser for the next Christmas food themed post. More beverages this time, a fine Sigtuna winter lager and a cinnamon apple cider (for me, because I'm not a big beer drinker).

We, who are about to be consumed, salute you
Any predictions from you faithful readers out there? Which will be most highly rated? What creative and loving ranking system will we use next? Will Sam ever give me permission to blog on this site again? Tune in next time to find out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New comparisons coming soon!

Sunset this evening
Today I biked over to the big Coop Forum in Stenhagen for some shopping variety and for a nice bike ride. I rode carefully, as there is a thick layer of frost coating the pavement in the shady areas. It almost looks like snow, it's so thick. The past few days have continued to be beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Someday I should go somewhere to get a good picture of the sunset, but you can see the pink skies from our balcony. Temperatures have been hovering between 0°C and 5°C for the past week, but combined with the sun it's not too bad. Yesterday evening I biked over to a new evening gympa class in about 0°C. At home, this would seem ludicrous. Here, it seems natural. It's either bike (free and easy), run (which takes a lot longer and I'm on a break now) or take the bus (which costs money). I find that if I bike with tights under my jeans and my windproof jacket, it is plenty warm.
On my excursion, I picked up some new holiday items.

As always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.
I got two types of pepparkakor and two types of julöl in order to make comparisons. I know nothing about the beers, other than what I can see on the labels. Both are low alcohol, since I bought them in the grocery store. Three Hearts Jul Svagdricka claims it's "Den Klassiska Juldrycken". It was 8.90kr for a 50cl bottle, 2.2%. Uppsala Julöl is 3.5%, 50cl and was 19.90kr. It also looks like I paid 13.50kr for the glass... huh? Did I pay for 15 bottles? Did a Swede try to cheat me? Has the world gone completely mad? At that price, it better be significantly better than its counterpart. And the glass better be edible.

Yes, I had to buy a special sponge for Ross because the cheap ones aren't abrasive enough.
Some of you back in the States will probably recognize one of the pepparkakor brands - Annas cookies are sold back home. Oddly enough, the only store that I know carries them are the Christmas Tree Shops. But I think that Shaws and Stop and Shop do, too. The other brand is Göteborgs, I'm assuming named after the city. Buying the container with only the heart shaped cookies was 23kr, which was 4kr cheaper than the variety pack with people and star shapes. The box of Annas was only 15kr, although it only has 300g of cookies, while Göteborgs is 425g. I think a smaller box is good when it's only Ross and I eating the cookies. Last weekend we did buy a different brand - Swits - but since we ate them all in one day, I don't have any left over to do a side by side comparison. All I can say about those is that they were quite good :)
We ate them all without thought of saving any for comparison later on.
This time, it's only Ross and I eating the cookies because our roommate Boris has gone back to the States for adventures back home. He'll hopefully be returning again this spring (along with many other visitors I hope!), but while he's gone we're going to enjoy lots of fish, olives and mushrooms. :) For example, tonight's dinner is one of my favorites: Hungarian Mushroom Soup. Before, after and during the dinner I will be carefully sampling and evaluating these items and will enlist Ross after he returns from intervals.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Time!

Ok, so you may be thinking that it seems a bit early for Christmas. But in Sweden, Christmas comes early. How is this possible, you ask? Well, it starts with the fact that there is no celebration for Halloween or Thanksgiving. As soon as the days get colder and longer, everyone starts looking forward to the coziness of Christmas. There are no other pesky holidays to get in the way or distract them through the fall.

For over two weeks now Julmust has been available in all stores. The holiday lights are all aglow on the trees downtown. This week, more and more Christmas food items are becoming available in my local grocery shops. I realized that I am a sucker for holiday/seasonal foods. I love the fact that you can only get them for a limited time. I love how each season is special. I love food. These things combined make seasonal food and drink irresistible for me. I've decided that it's my job, as an unemployed American living in Sweden for my first Christmas, to sample all holiday related food items.
This week I went with a beverage theme:
Zoégas Julkaffe och Julmust
One thing I miss from home is flavored coffee. Swedes like their coffee like many other Europeans - small, black and strong. I like my coffee like many other Americans - large, milky white and flavored. Imagine my excitement when I saw Christmas coffee with hints of nouget and orange. To make this even more exciting, it seems that every year their Christmas coffee has a different flavor. What will it be next year? Oh, the anticipation!

Opening the package this morning, I realized I was going into it with certain expectations. I really enjoy Starbucks Christmas blend. I'm not a coffee connoisseur - as I said, I enjoy a large hazelnut coffee with milk and sugar from Dunkin' Donuts - so upon opening the coffee I simply noticed that it smelled like... coffee. Coffee is a fantastic smell, especially in the morning, but it didn't smell extra Christmasy to me. I made my coffee, frothed my milk and poured it into my piggy mug. It was good coffee, but my untrained taste buds could not find that hint of orange and nouget. Maybe the secret is to drink it black? I'll try another experiment tomorrow morning, but so far, this coffee does not rank high on my Christmas Must Have Food and Drinks list.

On to the Julmust. It looks just like Coke or Pepsi in the bottle. It smells.... like Captain Morgan and Coke. Which, for me, isn't a good thing. I drank rum and Cokes in college because that's what there were, not because I actually liked the taste of them. Julmust tastes... like I let my gummi bears sit in Coke overnight. I love gummies and I enjoy Coke, but combined? Way too sweet. It ranks low on my Christmas Must Have Food and Drink list. It at least made the list, as it appears to be an important staple for. Swedes judging by the mass quantities in stores. It's not so bad that I can't drink it. I'm drinking the one we have in the fridge - it's good after a long run when you need a sugary drink.

I'm taking a training break for a bit because I have a pain in my knee that just won't go away. I always take a break towards the end of the year and since the year ends earlier in Sweden, I'm taking it earlier than usual ;)

Also, Ross and I bought tickets to come back to the States for Christmas! We'll be there from December 20th to January 8th. Who's around? :)

Despite this feeling of Yule, the days have been above freezing and sunny, with more beautiful sunsets.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunrises and Sunsets

As the sun has been out the past two days, I have seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Well, only one sunrise, which I watched from the bedroom window before climbing back into bed. I tried to capture the sunset on my camera, but a combination of lack of user knowledge and a mediocre camera means that it didn't do the colors justice.

View of the sunset from our balcony.
The days and nights continue to be relatively warm (often between 5°C and 10°C). Last night it actually got warmer as the night went on, as it was about 6°C when we went out training at 6pm and almost 9° at midnight. I'm having a few aches and pains, mostly in my right stomach/hip/groin and both knees, so I should take my training break soon. But it seems a shame to waste such nice weather and then have to train when the days turn colder.

Ross and I have been doing a lot more night orienteering this past week. I think I've probably doubled my lifetime total of the number of night-o courses that I've done. Last weekend was Rodenloppet, which as I mentioned before, is a pairs night-o race. It was a perfect night for night-o, warm with no rain. It was fun mass starting with all the other teams and watching the other headlamps move through the darkness. Lisa and I ended up being the only team in our category, so we finished first, last and everything in between :) I had a really good time, although I was certainly the weakest link, due to my poor navigational abilities at night. I kept leading us right into the middle of swamps. One was almost waist deep and we both started to panic a bit! We did win a prize for first place - a thermos!

Ross ran with Rasa in the more competitive co-ed team category. Ross was impressed with Rasa's speed in the woods, as she led them a lot in the beginning of the race. They both had a good time and said they would do it again, which is a good sign! He wrote more about his race here. Rasa stayed with us for the weekend, which was fabulously fun. I was amused one night at the sight of Boris, Ross and Rasa all watching YouTube movies together. It was almost 1:00 in the morning, I was getting ready for bed :)
Was it the shrimp running on a treadmill?
Last night I ran my first night-o course where I was completely alone. On all other night trainings so far, I've been with or near a group. This time I let the group pull away early, since they were running faster than I could navigate. I learned that I have to treat night-o like a super technical orienteering race, and then I can actually find all the controls. Of course, I wasn't moving very fast! I often had to stop to read the map, as I was having trouble doing it all at once. I also realized why I don't watch horror movies. When you're out in the middle of a knee deep swamp, at night, by yourself, you don't want flashbacks to horror films. Last night I made myself take the routes right through swamps, to prove to myself that I wouldn't get stuck and drown alone. I am still here today. My map and route can here seen here. Although I missed #7 when I came in off the swamp, I think I'm most proud of my decision to run along the swamp, rather than try to read everything while running straight.

As I watch another beautiful sunset out the window, I'm going to stop writing and start dinner for tonight. I joined Linné's training group, which is responsible for planning and setting all of Linné's weekly trainings. Tonight is my first meeting with the group and we're meeting after tonight's training, an 8k night sprint. Therefore, I'm making my favorite orzo salad to bring with me to eat while we meet.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent Happenings

Orienteers everywhere are the same. When we finish our race, we really want to tell everyone about it and compare notes. Not having the map on hand doesn't stop us from telling our tales of woe. I love how similar these two pictures are:

Rebecka drawing her route on the rug for Lisa after her night leg at Smålandskavlen.

Louise and I drawing our sprint course routes at WOC 2008 in Czech Republic. 
Fall is coming to a close here as November begins. Most of the trees have lost the majority of their leaves and sunrise today was 7:15 and sunset is 3:50.  However, we are very fortunate to be enjoying warm weather. It's just about 50°F when I get up in the morning and most days recently have even warmed up to about 55°. This has made both evening and daytime runs quite enjoyable. Better than the snow some of you have back home!  Earlier in the week the street cleaner worked for almost the whole day cleaning the leaves and dirt off our little dead end street. It was dirt and leaf free for less than 24 hours, because the following day the grounds crew came in and blew all of the leaves from the sidewalk into the street! This seemed a bit inefficient to me. But, then the next day the plow came and plowed the leaves, which amused me. Maybe they have a grand plan. Ah, the things you notice when you're home for most of the day :)

They get a bit desperate when they don't have snow.

 Smålandskavlen pictures

Staged fist pound. I had just punched Rasa in the face by accident, which explains my wary look.

Olle anchoring Linné team 2 - which was Ross and Boris's team

Me and Niamh!
This weekend the whole apartment is racing in Rodenloppet, but on different teams and in different categories. Rodenloppet is a pairs mass start night orienteering race. No, pairs are not tied together (Hilly!). I'm running the women's category with Lisa, Ross is running the mixed category with Rasa, and Boris is running the men's category with Andrew. I would say that we could race to the finish but Ross and Rasa only have 6.7k, while Lisa and I have 8k and Andrew and Boris have 12.5k. Maybe we can all try to medal in our respective categories. This will also be the first forest night-o test for my new headlamp. It worked well on the trail run Tuesday night and tonight I'm wearing on an urban sprint.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This weekend Ross and I traveled south to Småland with the club to compete in our last real race of the year, the relays at Smålandskavlen. The format of this relay is different and fun. For the men's teams, two men run a night-o course on Saturday night and their times are added together. For the women's teams, one women runs the night leg. The next morning, it's a chase start - the next runners on each team are started based on their time behind the winning team from the night before. Both teams have 3 runners the next morning. Ross was the 4th runner on Linné's second men's team (therefore the 2nd daytime runner) and I anchored the first Linné women's team.

Rebecka at the finish of her night-o (courtesy of Jonas Andersson from Smålandskavlen's website)
Rebecka was our lead runner and night-o champion. She had a few mistakes, especially near the greener areas. She ended up finishing 15 minutes behind the leaders, but with a time that was close to other teams. This meant, hopefully, that Hannah would have some other girls to fly by on her leg :)

Hannah did indeed fly through her leg, having the 3rd fastest time. I waited at the finish chute to cheer her in and was greatly amused by the tired smile she gave me as she ran by. Hannah had started in 31st place, but passed off to Lisa in 20th. Lisa also had a great run and passed 8 more people to hand off to me in 12th. I started off alone, but very quickly was with a pack of about 7 other girls. I think, sadly, that most of them had caught me. Our course was not forked in the middle at all, and we stayed as a pack, losing two people off the back along the way. The pace was quite speedy for me. I was feeling very tired and uncoordinated and it took a great deal of mental energy to push through and keep up. At the end there was one more forked control and I had the slightly shorter forking, along with two others. It was a long trail and road run to the second to last control, and I passed one of the girls and actually had the fastest time to that control (helped by having the shorter forking previously). I again had the fastest split to the last control, but never caught the girl in front of me. In the end, I passed three people and got passed by one, which means we finished 10th overall! The exciting thing about being 10th was that they gave awards to the top 10 teams. We got to stand on the podium and get prizes and be all cool :)

Ross will have to contribute more to the blog to write about his performance and his team's, but I know that they all had solid races and finished in 42nd. Linné's first team came in third. I love the pictures of a tired Mats and happy teammates:
Both pictures from Jonas Andersson from Smålandskavlen's website
It was a great weekend and fun way to end the season with the club. Over the course of the weekend we played 20 Questions, Mafia and Indian Poker. It felt just like home :)

In other news...

Last Tuesday we went to the Uppsala Short Film Festival with friends. We saw these eight international films. My favorites were Lumo and The Wind is Blowing on my Street.

Linné went a bit overboard with trainings this week. I think we all had so much fun at Smålandskavlen that no one could stop training. The training bank is where people can post their own trainings that they are doing so that others can join them. These are separate from the normally scheduled club trainings. I've never seen the training bank so full. This Wednesday there are six different trainings that I can choose from!

I tried to fix the problem that people had with commenting, so try again if you've had trouble in the past.