Thursday, December 13, 2012


More snow continues to fall here in Uppsala. My little weather widget calls for snow everyday, but it's only a centimeter or two.

The sun is rising later and on my morning bike commute to work I even saw the sunrise... at 9.05am.
Actual beer
 I continue to bike to work. Last Wednesday during our snowstorm I was biking through the wind and snow, glancing up only occasionally to see if there were any bikes coming towards me on the bike path. I was surprised at one point to glance up and see not a cyclist, but a skier coming towards me. That probably would have been faster, especially on the way home where I ended up walking. It was faster than dragging my bike or trying to take the bus.

Grocery Store beer

I've sampled a few holiday beers over the past few weeks, although my cold had stopped me from trying more. I actually enjoyed the low alcohol Frosty Bulldog the most. Last night I made delicious eggnog and am enjoying a morning Eggnog Latté.

We also went skiing up in Harsa, about a three hour drive north. We were only there from Saturday to Sunday, but we had a very cozy house and the trails were beautiful.

View from our rented house over the frozen lake