Friday, September 23, 2011


Although, yes, I'm unemployed, I somehow still manage to keep myself busy. Sometimes it's by running twice in one day and going on a bike ride. Other times it's by reading an entire young adult fiction book (shouldn't have paid $10 for that).

Today is a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity, slight breeze and 60°F. 

This morning I woke up early to bake chocolate chunk cookie bars.  I took a glorious bike ride over to Ross's work to deliver fika to his lab. Yum. It was a good test run since I am also going to make them to sell at Linné's event this weekend as well.

Lots of fun things have happened in the past week. Yes, most of them are food or orienteering related :) I plan on telling all the exciting stories soon, but I have a few deadlines of my own to take care of first. I am applying, once again, for the Women in Sports Foundation Travel and Training Fund Grant. And, once again, I am doing it all very last minute. It's due today :) But 5:00pm east coast time, so I have a few hours still... Maybe now that I'm actually unemployed and living in Sweden they will take more pity on me. I had to put together a budget of projected 2012 expenses. Not only is that practically impossible for me to do (I can't think that far ahead) it also makes me realize how much traveling costs!

Hej då!


J-J said...

Was the young adult fiction book in English or Swedish?

Samantha said...

It's true, reading in Swedish would allow me to enjoy books for longer. Ross and I are actually reading two books in Swedish. I'll share them next post :)