Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living in a snow globe

Uppsala really is meant to have snow. I didn't realize how much we were missing out on last year. Working now it great, I enjoy making money again and being with students. But I miss have free time during the day to go outside and play. We've had some beautiful sunny days recently, which also means temperatures around -15C. Stunning, but cold. I'm still biking to work, which many see as crazy. But it's quite nice after a stressful day at work. Plus, I'm now often biking in the remains (or beginnings) of daylight. Summer is coming!

Biking home from work, 3.45pm

On Saturdays we are going to Västerås to run on the indoor track. It's a real treat and I love going. I miss track running. Last Saturday it was about -22C outside. I got to run indoors in shorts and then enjoy the view on the car ride home:

 And just because I can, two pics from home. I miss you!

Yep, I look like I'm going to attack the camera. I was just excited :)