Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was the Linné Gala, which signifies the end of the season and time to relax and have fun. The organizing crew (which included Ross) did an amazing job decorating, serving wonderful food and having lots of games and awards. Plus, great music to get us through the night. Ross won the Sunshine Award for all of his enthusiasm and cheering.

Solstråle Ross
Sunday was, due to a late night, a lazy day, but I got excited and baked one of my favorite seasonal Swedish deliciousnesses (yes, that word is a noun).

Lussekatter (saffron rolls)
I put on Christmas music and pretended that it was December. With no Thanksgiving to hold you back, Christmas celebrations can start a lot earlier.

Plus, they made my Monday morning at work much better.

On Wednesday we are headed to the opera in Stockholm with some friends, but also Ross's parents! Eric and Mary are flying in on Wednesday and will be staying with us through the weekend. Hopefully we will get to show them all the exciting Uppsala sites... like the forests. The weather has improved, since it's not constantly raining and it's above freezing, so I hope it continues this way while they are here. The morning bike commutes to work are beautiful, as I'm often biking during sunrise. Soon it will be completely dark, but for now it's quite magical.


Linda & Rick said...

Ross - Congratulations on your award, you have certainly earned it!
Sam - the buns look great! Are those raisins on top?

Samantha said...

Yep, raisins. I've come to really love saffron :)