Friday, November 30, 2012


My commute this morning on my bike:

Just after collecting my bike from the indoor bike room.
Down the quiet side street.
The morning bike commutes have been a bit more slippery than the evenings. Both of these past two mornings it has been snowing and the plows hadn't been out on the bike paths recently. By the evening there was more gravel down and it was freshly plowed. What I do enjoy, though, is that they often don't plow all the way down to the pavement. This would leave space for water to pool during the days and ice to form. Instead, there is always a layer of snow and gravel on the ground. With snow tires being mandatory on cars, and more people have studded tired (some even on their bikes!), this seems to work quite well.

Leaving work around 4. Last bike outside.
Uppsala Training Weekend this weekend! Planning on a nice long orienteering run in Lunsen tomorrow, followed by two sessions on Sunday. Lots of out of towners here too - over 120 people participating. Should be beautiful tomorrow in the snow! After some dire weather predictions of -14°C, it's only going to be about -5 tomorrow. I can deal with that. Good thing I have wet socks :)

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