Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skiing in Nåsten

Last Friday I woke up to blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Ok, when I woke up the sun had yet to rise above the surrounding apartment buildings, but I could tell it was on the way. It snowed here on Tuesday night (while we were out training) and again last Thursday (also, while we were out training), so I felt that there was finally enough snow to actually ski on. Also, they set classic tracks all through the fields and on a bunch of trails.

It was a beautiful ski. Not nearly as awe-inspiring as Orsa, but so much warmer. Also, it has the added benefit of being right outside my apartment. I walked for about 200m to get to the start of the tracks. I overdressed for the Nåsten Plains, expecting them to be cold and windy as usual. Instead, the bright sunshine warmed everything up.
Before crossing the river to the ski tracks.

Tracks set in the valley, along the edge of the forest.
I headed south on the fields and then took a trail up into the woods, I believe it's the trail to Hammarskog. The woods were thankfully cooler and much more fun to ski in than the Plains. Still tracked, but now only one track. I met some other people out there, but it was certainly not crowded. Most people were like me - skiing along at a very recreational pace, although I saw a few faster people. At the junction I turned back toward home and skied up to Hågaby parking lot and back home from there. Too bad there isn't more snow so I could so this more often! Or else I need a pair of rock skis so that I don't feel bad if they grate along the bottom.

Briefly in the woods along the field.
Turning up into the woods.

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Anonymous said...

What awesome snow and how great that it is right outside your door. Enjoy!
PS You are a great photographer and writer!