Monday, February 27, 2012

Inomhus Sprint

Saturday evening, after we were all worn out from a mass start race in the morning and intervals in the afternoon, a group of us gathered in the clubhouse for food and games. I was all ready for a relaxing evening, but Johan had a surprise for us - indoor orienteering sprint around the clubhouse! A few of us decided that relay style would be more fun than individual teams, so we divided everyone into three teams. This was way more fun and also led to fewer collisions.

The team members who had not run yet had to hide in the kitchen, so that they couldn't watch where previous runners went (the course was the same for everyone). Those who finished got to hang out and be the peanut gallery as others were running, offering helpful and confusing tips to those running. The map Johan made was great, and we even got control descriptions that told us whether the small piece of numbered tape we were looking for was high or low.

I followed Ross around his leg with his camera and made a video that I posted on the Linné Project Meteorite website. My video is here and Johan's video is here.

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Matt said...

That race looks awesome!!