Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Portugal, here we come!

Tomorrow Ross and I join up with other Linné members and head to Portugal for a 8 day training camp. We've never been to Portugal before, so I'm excited to visit a new country and experience new terrain. I've been taking these last few days super easy, as last week was a hard week for me and I don't want to be tired going into the training camp.

It feels a bit wrong to leave Uppsala, now that it feels like spring is on the way. The last few days have been the sunniest and warmest since last fall. It's currently 10°C (50F), according to the bedroom window thermometer! Of course, these are the days when I decide that I need to cut back on my training! I couldn't stay cooped up inside yesterday, though, so I went on a walk in the Nåsten Plains. The ice is still there, especially on the trails, but it's melting fast. What will Uppsala look like when we return?

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