Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent Happenings

Orienteers everywhere are the same. When we finish our race, we really want to tell everyone about it and compare notes. Not having the map on hand doesn't stop us from telling our tales of woe. I love how similar these two pictures are:

Rebecka drawing her route on the rug for Lisa after her night leg at Smålandskavlen.

Louise and I drawing our sprint course routes at WOC 2008 in Czech Republic. 
Fall is coming to a close here as November begins. Most of the trees have lost the majority of their leaves and sunrise today was 7:15 and sunset is 3:50.  However, we are very fortunate to be enjoying warm weather. It's just about 50°F when I get up in the morning and most days recently have even warmed up to about 55°. This has made both evening and daytime runs quite enjoyable. Better than the snow some of you have back home!  Earlier in the week the street cleaner worked for almost the whole day cleaning the leaves and dirt off our little dead end street. It was dirt and leaf free for less than 24 hours, because the following day the grounds crew came in and blew all of the leaves from the sidewalk into the street! This seemed a bit inefficient to me. But, then the next day the plow came and plowed the leaves, which amused me. Maybe they have a grand plan. Ah, the things you notice when you're home for most of the day :)

They get a bit desperate when they don't have snow.

 Smålandskavlen pictures

Staged fist pound. I had just punched Rasa in the face by accident, which explains my wary look.

Olle anchoring Linné team 2 - which was Ross and Boris's team

Me and Niamh!
This weekend the whole apartment is racing in Rodenloppet, but on different teams and in different categories. Rodenloppet is a pairs mass start night orienteering race. No, pairs are not tied together (Hilly!). I'm running the women's category with Lisa, Ross is running the mixed category with Rasa, and Boris is running the men's category with Andrew. I would say that we could race to the finish but Ross and Rasa only have 6.7k, while Lisa and I have 8k and Andrew and Boris have 12.5k. Maybe we can all try to medal in our respective categories. This will also be the first forest night-o test for my new headlamp. It worked well on the trail run Tuesday night and tonight I'm wearing on an urban sprint.


bbrooke said...

I covet your awesome-looking Linné o-gear! (Jersey, jacket, etc.)

Samantha said...

Thanks! I really like it too and it's fun to be part of a club.