Thursday, May 10, 2012

10mila to EOC's!

Last weekend was 10mila. Lots of fun and all that jazz. If I had more time, I'd write more :) I ran the unforked 3rd leg on the women's third team and Ross ran the long night on the men's 3rd team. I was pleased with my race, although wish I was faster. I ended up leading a pack, and after an early mistake the pack that wasn't too far ahead of us opened up a lead and I never saw them. It was a new experience for me - I'm often the slowest in a pack hanging on. This time I was the fastest and leading everyone (not always the right way - but they followed anyway!).

Ross hasn't said much about his long night leg besides, "Maybe in a week I'll get over it." It didn't go as well as he would have liked. But still, he can say he ran long night at 10mila and that's pretty awesome.

Both the men's team and the women's team came in fourth, which was fantastic :)

Pre-10mila bonding with flag paining

Best club in Sweden!
And now I'm leaving in 2 minutes to go to Mora to have a few training days before the EOC's. I'm nervous, unsure, but will work on focusing and building my confidence in the next few days. This is really a trial run for WOC :) My parents are arriving in Sweden on Friday, and my aunt and uncle next Saturday. Then at the end of the month, my friends Steph, El and Ann come to visit. Lots to look forward to!!

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