Monday, March 12, 2012


Ok, it would be tempting fate to say that early spring has reached Uppsala, but it seems we brought some of the sunny weather back from Portugal with us. On Saturday Ross and I went into town to do some shopping and enjoyed walking along the river in the sunshine. We got fantastic tasting gyros from a place on Svartbäcksgatan, but I can't remember the name and Google street view is too old. Ah, Ross found the receipt - it's called Costas.

Yummy food by the river

Everyone else seemed to have the same idea and there were people sitting and strolling all around town. It made me laugh to see people sitting on the docks like it was summer, dressed in a winter coat, hat, gloves and eating ice cream. You really appreciate the sunshine when it's so dark in the winter!

People pretending it's summer
On the way home we stopped by our favorite Asian food store and tried not to buy everything in sight. I think the only extra thing we ended up with was a giant tub of green curry. We made Hot and Sour soup for dinner, and the recipe is fantastic. Restaurant quality. Ross also was amused by some of the selections:

How does vegetarian chicken flavor compare to carnivorous chicken flavor?


Anonymous said...

Dad made the Hot and Sour Soup for supper tonight! Yummy! I could have used a little more "hot" but suited Dad fine! Keep the menu ideas coming!

Samantha said...

It is yummy :) I think the white pepper gives it the right flavor and the large quantity of cornstarch gives it the right consistency.

Anonymous said...

Mine was pretty watery, the cornstarch didn't work I guess, and I didn't have any white pepper, used black, then I added broccolli strips instead of the bamboo, and some snow peas and spinich.
Otherwise, I followed the recipe to a T !!