Friday, March 9, 2012

Back home in Uppsala

We have returned home to Uppsala after a fantastic week training in Portugal. Ross did every training with complete enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week, although I had some stomach problems earlier in the week and then caught a cold the day that got better. Luckily, a running nose and sore throat couldn't keep me out of the terrain and I was able to go out and walk or jog most trainings. The two day trainings I did skip I took video, so some super awesome Portugal training videos will be up later this week.

The weather was fantastic. After one cloudy and drizzly day early on, we had bright sunshine for the rest of the trip. It was warm enough that sitting out in the afternoon sun in shorts and a t-shirt was comfortable, but running never got too hot. Just perfect. Eventually my attackpoint log will be updated with maps and trainings and I'll put up pictures and video, but for now, here are a few more random pictures.

Where we stayed during the second half of the trip - the main house
The smaller house down the driveway that Ross, Lina and I had all to ourselves
The swing hanging from the harvested cork tree
They had two giant pigs

And sheep and goats - who liked to eat the plants
Our fancy Portuguese dinner
Tasty clams (Lina and Cat)

Ross and Ulrik enjoying clams and wine

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