Thursday, January 19, 2012

And.... We're Back!

It's so hard to restart a routine when you've let it slide. Like when you're a day behind on your Attackpoint log and you think "Well, I can't log today until I log yesterday, so...." And then the next day it's "Well, I can't log today because then I have to go back and log the last two days and I don't have time for that..." And it continues until you finally slap yourself and just sit down and do it. Returning to the blog is a bit like that.

Our time at home was incredibly busy, much busier than I imagined it would be. Of course, this was fantastic because the entire time was spent with friends and family. My time at home made me appreciate all the fantastic friends that I have. Although this is incredible corny, I kept on being reminded of the song I learned in Girl Scouts when I was about 8:

Make new friends, 
but keep the old, 
one is silver, 
and the other gold.

So true.

Now, we are back in Uppsala and I'm getting back into routines. Training is going well again, and the lack of snow means we can continue to run in the woods. In fact, the weather has been perfect almost every day and night - around freezing and the swamps are all frozen! It's fantastic to run in the woods and not have absolutely frozen feet when you return. 

I've signed up for a Swedish course starting next week. It's the second half of a beginners course, so I've been frantically trying to learn everything in the first half this week. Trying to avoiding the humiliation that will come when I show up at class knowing nothing has motivated me! Unfortunately, the classes are only taught in the evenings, which means that I'm missing Monday night (rock gympa) and Wednesday night (orienteering training) with the club for the next 6 weeks. Hopefully, though, I can do the rock gympa on my own at home and I can run the Wednesday night courses in the morning (assuming I can get the map and there are flags out). I recently watched this video, and I think it's right. I have to start speaking Swedish more... but I hate sounding so silly!

Ok, I'm keeping it short and heading off to go grocery shopping. I'll leave you with some random photos on my camera ;)

Playing games on Christmas Day at my parent's house with Ross's parents.
Ross bought new skis! We're reading for Linné's ski weekend (since there is no snow here).
I made Swedish Dammsugare for soup night.


Erik S said...

Well, Swedish is a silly language so everybody who speak it sound silly. My best piece of advice would be to get some mp3s/CDs/tapes and start mimicking them aloud on your own. Soon you will get so used to hearing your own voice making crazy sounds that it won't bother you when you speak to other people.

Hans B said...

Pro looking damsugare - no doubt Electroluxes; and now you master green marzipan as well. Duktig flicka! Hey Erik, Swedish sounds soo non silly to me.

Linda said...

These look realllly delicious...would give them a try but I've sworn off cookies until I return to my pre-Christmas cookie weight.

Samantha said...

I don't think that Swedes sound silly - I think that I sound silly! I know my pronunciation is off, but I'll hopefully get better in class. Swearing off cookies is hard, but a good motivator to get out exercises so you can lose the weight and then eat cookies again!