Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're coming home!

Our circus tent was ugly, but made with love
This will be the last blog entry from Sweden for the next three weeks, but hopefully I'll write some from home. I don't know about what, exactly, but I'm sure we'll do something fun. This past weekend was very Christmasy, with a Linné Julbak on Saturday and the Stockholm Christmas shopping on Sunday.

The Julbak was quite fun, although my group lost motivation after awhile and our final product wasn't quite what we were hoping for. Everyone there was divided into four teams and each team received a ball of gingerbread. My team had a hard time deciding what to create, but eventually decided on a circus tent. Ross's team built Big Ben being attacked by a giant monkey.
Ross's group - with the Swiss orienteering boys breaking the 24 hour world record live on the screen behind them.

Ross concentrating on getting the candy to stick to the sides.
Elisa peering into the oven, making sure the gingerbread doesn't burn

Henrik waiting patiently - Two ovens would have sped up the process
A gingerbread porta potty!
The Uppsala Cathedral. They even filed down their gingerbread pieces so everything would fit exactly.

All of the final creations

On Sunday Ross and I headed into Stockholm for some Christmas shopping! We were quite successful, even though the weather wasn't super cooperative. We never did find the ice cream shop that Ross remembers from Gamla Stan, but we did finally find kabab after asking a local, so Ross was happy with the food. We also bought warm candied nuts, kanelbullar, yummy non-licorice flavored licorice and then had Thai food for dinner. We visited the many Christmas markets - in the shopping center, in Gamla Stan and in Skansen. Overall it was cold and wet enough that lingering outside would become quickly unpleasant, so we were constantly going in and out of shops.

Posing with Tomte
Can we bring him home?
Christmas market in Gamla Stan

Ross gambling. You pay 5kr for a chance to win a prize from the stand.

He was trying to win from the Cheese lottery. Unfortunately, he didn't win.
We leave in 3 hours for the airport and then connect through Heathrow, which in retrospect wasn't my brightest idea. It was only the cheapest ticket home because they're going to lose our luggage. As an awesome side note, I just saw a mother pulling her child in a sled as they commuted to the preschool on the corner. We have snow in Uppsala! It looks like they will have a white Christmas here after all, but we probably won't back in the States. Also, Ross and I are still taking requests for things to bring back from the States - so Swedish friends, let us know if you need anything (like shoes!).

Will I write again before Christmas.... probably not. So Merry Christmas, God Jul and safe holiday travels!

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