Monday, December 5, 2011

We're residents!

Blurred Mountain Man Ross

Our resident permit cards came in the mail today! We both look super goofy, but, hey now we can stay and work and they won't kick us out until the end of August!

Yesterday we had a training day with Linné up near Hofors, where the relay and long SM will be next year. Although chilly, it could have been far worse. The morning exercise required a lot of standing around as you waited for your partner to return, and it did start to get cold while waiting. Luckily we went indoors for lunch and even had hot showers before heading home. You can read my short account about it on the Linné website.

Sunset after training

The red glow created awesome light in the woods

OK Linné 4 eva! :)


Mats said...

Horfors - quite entertaining typo :) Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Samantha said...

Darn it! :) You'd think I would have learned my lesson from attackpoint and actually reread for typos. And now I have to leave it there, or your post will make no sense... :)

Lisa Carr said...

Horfors -- it's a waterfall of tramps! :-)

Samantha said...

I so just gave that town a much cooler name.

Anonymous said...

The sunset photo is spectacular!

Samantha said...

And it doesn't even do it justice! It was truly amazing.