Thursday, July 21, 2011

Settling In

We made it through our first full day in Sweden. Tomorrow morning we leave to fly to Geneva, where we will be training in WOC relevant terrain in France. I don't know if we have internet where we are staying, so it may be awhile until the next update.

We slept well through the night, although Ross wishes that his Thermarest would actually hold air. Despite his best efforts at duct taping it up, the air escapes. In the morning we went for a morning jog around town, past where Ross will work (1.5k away), up a hill to a statue that has no name (that we can find), past the art museum, and through the botanical gardens. It was about 20°C with on and off showers. Nice for running, but I miss yesterday's weather, which was warm and sunny.

After the morning run we headed out to do some grocery shopping at the local grocery store (yes, we shop in the woods :))

And we filled up our pantry...

Then it was off again for round two in Nåsten. Ross and I headed out together with one of the maps Mari brought over and we traded off legs. Ross was speeding through the woods and bobbling the controls. Sam went slowly and found the controls. If only we could combine our powers! We did see another orienteer, permenant controls, streamers, an old control stand made from tree branches, and actual controls with epunching! One of them was even at one of our features. Maybe there was a training set up for the day or week?

We came home and started dinner. Actually, Ross made dinner while Sam skyped with Sandra :)

The elbow macaroni only needed to be cooked for 4 minutes and was left on for much longer. We ended up with fairly mushy pasta, but we don't believe in wasting food :) Then we could enjoy it while sitting on a makeshift seat.

Now we are packing things up for traveling again tomorrow - this time we have to take public transport to the airport. Our final excursion for the evening will be a walk to the clubhouse to return Mari's internet and a stop to check the bus schedule for the stop down the street.

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Janet said...

It is great to hear from you guys already. Also great pictures. Like the apartment. I'm sure that it will be even better with some furniture. Keep the blogging coming and good luck in France.