Monday, July 25, 2011

A Good Day for the Ducks

Well, weather is just as fickle here in France as it is everywhere else, and the beautiful warm sunny day that we were hoping for just never appeared. We spent some time being lazy in the morning, and then stopped off at the grocery store and the boulangerie to grab food for a picnic lunch. Then off to our first training of the day, at a map called Forêt du Grand Roc Sud.

Ross in front of Lac D'Annecy
On the way we drove up a very windy road. As we crested the top of the mountain we could glimpse the Lac D'Annecy in the distance.

The roads were very busy with ambitious cyclists climbing to the top, and then speeding down the other side of the mountain. We pulled off to the side of the main road an
d got dressed for orienteering and just as we were heading out the rain started up again. The woods were fast and open but after a hour and a half of getting lost in the woods, we were ready for a lunch break and a change of scenery. So we continued down into the town of Annecy, where we hoped to find some sunny weather so that we could go shopping and do another orienteering training.

Instead of sunny weather we found a neat park along the lake where we could huddle under a tree to stay mostly dry, as we ate our meal of bread, cheese, nutella, and bell pepper. We were quite popular with the local sparrows as all our bread eating was creating quite a few delicious crumbs.
Some of the many boats along the lake in Annecy
The rain didn't show signs of stopping, so we decided to call it a day, and we drove home the flat way. We were very pleased to discover a chocolate shop, Chocolaterie Artisanale des Bauges , just a few minutes from where we are staying, and after much perusing of the options, Sam picked up a bag of assorted chocolates and I picked up a bag of milk chocolate pralines.

We still had enough daylight to get one more training in before dark, so we headed back up to the nearby Pré
poulain for a short orienteering course.

Dinner at the auberge was a much quieter affair, as there are only four of us currently staying here, the Finnish couple across the hall and us. Dinner was as delicious as we have come to expect, and included a dish of some special local sausages that were cooked in a red w
ine so that they looked very purple. Dessert was a compote of apples, rhubarb, and raspberries with most of the ingredients coming from their own garden.

Finally the weather cleared up, so we made the most of the clear skies, and took an evening constitutional down and around the town of Arith. Everything was peaceful and quaint and picturesque, and our shutters were snapping up all the sights. We'll leave you with a couple as we head off to bed. Tomorrow our plan is to head to some maps that we haven't yet visited to the south. We'll pack up a picnic lunch and hope that the good weather finally makes it!

The Church in Arith
We couldn't tell if the water was safe to drink or not
Sam at the fountain

All the local cows have bells and make a great racket

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