Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Honeymoon Begins

We are writing from the sleepy space of a warm evening on the island of Kaua'i. It is 8 pm local time, but our bodies feel like it might be more like the 8 am Tuesday morning that my watch, still on Swedish time, expects it to be.

We are doing our best to get over that 12 hours of jetlag, but we thought we would upload a couple of pictures from the last two days of adventures to get the ball rolling. We are in Hawaii on our honeymoon and hope to post often in the next 3 weeks.

Our adventure started on Sunday morning, and our travels took us from our apartment in Uppsala to Arlanda, through Heathrow and then a long flight to LA. Katie and Aaron were gracious enough to host us and Katie picked us up at the airport after we finally emerged through customs. They brought us to a fantastic Indian restaurant with remarkable food and atmosphere. The naan alone was worth the whole trip :)

Too busy eating chocolate chai desserts at the restaurant, so our selfie was back at the bat cave

This morning Aaron dropped us back at the airport and we got on a plane to Kaua'i. An interminable wait at Hertz counter was eventually rewarded with the pickup of a nice new Grey Versa and we sped off to the next stop on our itinerary, the nearby Walmart, where we picked up some snorkling gear and some food essentials.

The place where we are staying is a little south of the airport along the coast. The woman that owns the house, Maureen, is very friendly and lives in the house and rents a room out to tourists like us.

Although we were tired and hungry, we set off on a short excursion. We quickly found a trail that Sam had researched and went for a short run along the coast. The views off into the ocean were amazing and the cool breeze was a relief from the 85 degree F heat and sun. When we got back to the car we hopped down to the nearby beach but didn't stay long because the waves were pretty big and powerful and not so great for swimming. A few minutes drive down the coast provided a much better location for wading and swimming, and so we cooled off there.
Weather forecast is sunny with a chance of smiles
The trail was sandy in places, rocky in others. This was the turnaround for us

Dinner was quick stirfry and some edamame eaten outside on the patio to enjoy the warm summer evening.

Now it is truly bedtime (in fact, roughly one half of the writing team has already fallen asleep) and so Aloha po from us, which is the Hawaiian for good night!
For some reason, there was an armchair sitting out along the cliffs. Nice!

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