Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Skiing

Our winter skiing started a few weeks ago when we went with the club up to Orsa. It was much warmer than years past, and I really enjoyed the skiing. I skate skied Saturday and Sunday morning on my own. I really didn't want to ski the road, again, so I set off on the ungroomed ElitspÄren both mornings on my own. Sunday evening Kate and I went for a beautiful classic ski on my favorite track- LimbyspÄret. Those bumpy, windy, steep downhills in the beginning are my favorite type of skiing!
Sunrise on Sunday
Ready to go (love the completely white trees!!)
The wonderful thing about having snow in Uppsala is that I can classic ski right from my apartment door. There are groomed tracks below in the plains that go south, or you can head up in the forest and ski on the frozen marshes. Today I waxed my skis to get as much kick as possible (this is how you do it, right?) 
It's not fun when I'm sliding backwards every kick.

And then I set out for a wonderful ski. Don't let that light fool you, it was midday.

Across the frozen marshes

Over the marsh

Heading into the fields

Keep going for more trails in Hammerskog!

This counts as a hill here

Peace and quiet


Alex said...

Nice kick waxing job, there.

HeleneSuzanne said...

Yes indeed strong corking & very undulating terrain. :)

coach said...

Not like the Blue Hills, but the grooming is better...wish I was there.

Samantha said...

I did cork it in, but there was so much it mostly like smooshing it around :) Great kick, though!